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Daniele Oldani

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SUPPORT: canvas

TECNICA: acrylic and oil pastels

DIMENSIONS: 100 cm x 80 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

“Deadpoogliani” is a canvas painted by Daniele Oldani which portrays the Marvel character Deadpool; the famous protagonist of the comic, known for his humour, is also represented sitting on a chair with his elbow resting on a wooden table while he supports his head with his left hand in an attitude that expresses boredom and melancholy. The “Deadpoogliani” wears his characteristic red costume with black details and the handles of his twin adamantium katanas emerge from his back; Oldani doesn't leave out any details, in fact we also notice the belt with the buckle with the Deadpool effigy partially covered by the right hand with black glove of Wade Winston Wilson's alias. Deadpoogliani's slim silhouette and pupil-less eyes are the result of the inspiration that comes from the artistic legacy of the Italian avant-garde, who died in 1920 in France, so loved by Daniele Oldani.

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Daniele Oldani

Scopri l'artista

Daniele Oldani, born in Milan on 06/28/1979, his first approaches to drawing took place as a child, at the age of fourteen he approached the world of graffiti and painting, thus beginning his self-taught artistic journey. Graduated from the Milan comics school, while attending it, he collaborated as a cartoonist illustrator with various publishing houses including Warner Bros.

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