Jessica Filippi

Jessica Filippi was born in Sarzana in 1991 to Emilian parents. Raised in close contact with nature, from an early age she highlighted her creative inclination by creating settings and artistic representations with the simple materials that surround her, such as leaves, wood and stones. At the age of high school he wanted to undertake studies in the artistic sector, but due to economic needs and family problems he soon had to abandon his studies and start his career path. He held various jobs, some even considered purely male. Despite his different occupations, he has always demonstrated a strong aesthetic sense and great creativity, dealing with displays, shop windows, advertising, marketing and compositions. In some periods he created paintings and canvases to earn money, but he still didn't know that art would become his life. In 2016 he moved to Fidenza (PR), far from his beloved sea, for love. Here he began a collaboration in the construction sector, initially dealing with construction site management and then moving on to interior design and aesthetic finishes. Thus he began to design and create works and sculptures intended for the various settings in which he operates, from villas to yachts. A succession of research and artistic analyses, accompanied by a very strong inclination towards creativity, lead her to collaborate with companies specialized in steel processing and ultra-modern 3D printing. Experimenting and refining techniques for creating works and sculptures. The innate artistic vocation then takes over, Jessica decides to dedicate herself solely to her great passion, in 2020 she founded 'Filippi Forme d'Arte', where she designs and creates her works. To this day he continues his artistic activity, deepening a path of research through refined and extremely contemporary materials such as metals, polymers of natural origin and exotic stones.

The artist's works