Brainwash, the optimistic street artist who with his children in love and iconic characters immersed in kaleidoscopic colors tells us the beauty of life and invites us to chase our dreams.

Brainwash, born Thierry Guetta, is the bad boy with a tender soul who, with his works praising Love is in the Air, Follow your Dreams and Love is the Answer, just to name a few, has bewitched and made us fall in love ( or terribly angry, with him there are no half measures) the world of art.

Born in France in 1966, he moved to Los Angeles during his adolescence and, right in the homeland of possibilities, he was attracted towards street art by a destiny which, even if he didn't know it yet, had some magnificent projects in store for him.

Coincidentally he began collaborating as a video maker with his cousin, the street artist Space Invader. He follows it every night, capturing not only its secrets, but also the magical atmosphere of the night, with the illuminated logos, from Starbucks to McDonald's, against the backdrop of a city that truly never sleeps.

Through word of mouth he also began to work for already very famous artists, crossing his own destiny with that of Banksy who he very often mentions in his creations.

Banksy himself, while they were working on Exit Through the Gift Shop, the docufilm on Brainwash which in an ironic reversal of roles would later be directed by Banksy himself, suggested that he change his job and dedicate himself to art.

Brainwash does it, in a big way. By investing everything he has and mortgaging the house in which his wife and children lived together, he organizes a solo exhibition of unique proportions: Life is Beautiful. Inaugurated on June 18, 2008, it will close with a turnover of 1 million dollars. Opening the doors of the Olympus of artists who count.

Success does not change his message, his philosophy. For Thierry Guetta, art must convey positive messages, messages capable of inspiring and transmitting joy.

Starting from love which, for the artist, is the solution to all evils, as well as the deepest meaning of life. In an interview he said that, when he was still a street artist, a couple undecided whether or not to take the big step, opted for yes after finding themselves in front of one of his murals with the words love.

His works tell us about the courage to believe in one's dreams, who can tell it better than him, but also about the importance of not losing contact with our most innocent child part.

His characters range from Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse to children dressed like Beatrix Potter's bunnies, through to Charlie Chaplin and Einstein whose successful lives must be a constant source of inspiration.

Brainwash, after all, talks about society, with its symbols and iconic characters, in a sincerely positive vision that can be summarized by the omnipresent life is beautiful.

And precisely because life is beautiful, his subjects float in a kaleidoscope of colors which, in the unique works, is obtained through collage, tempera and, obviously, spray.

Street artist at heart, Thierry Guetta, still paints wherever he happens to: canvases but also porous paper, plywood, cardboard and recycled materials.

Even the certificate of authenticity and a work within a work: a burned cardboard with half of a dollar whose missing part is preserved in the artist's archives.

It goes without saying that its prices are constantly growing. The silk-screen prints are sold out even before being put on the market with values ​​of up to six thousand euros.

The unique works range from ten thousand euros to hundreds of thousands of euros while, among experts, there is the belief that, like Banksy, they could reach six zeros in not too long a time frame.

Because ultimately life is beautiful and success, as Brainwash teaches us, belongs to those who have the courage to believe in it.

The artist's works