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Crazy Love

Crazy Love

Daniele Oldani

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DIMENSIONS: 100 cm x 80 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

“Crazy Love” is an artistic creation that portrays “Harley Quinn”, a character who appears in the Batman animated series, famous for having fallen in love with the infamous Joker who we can see portrayed in the background of the canvas; The batman's sworn enemy wears a purple tuxedo with a matching green shirt with disheveled hair and has his typical white makeup and the inevitable lipstick that hides his cut lips. Harley Quinn, the protagonist of the work, is portrayed with her extravagant red and black jester costume completed by the so-called "fool's hat" made up of two tips with bells placed at the ends of each tip. He wears a five-pronged collar, also with bells hanging from it. Oldani paints the psychiatrist Harley Quinn sitting on the floor with her knees and hands resting on the floor whose color is characterized by light blue and sugar paper tones. Harley Quinn seems to be looking at us with her head askance. The pupilless eyes are a tribute to Modigliani, as is the physiognomy of the jester's body.

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Daniele Oldani

Scopri l'artista

Daniele Oldani, born in Milan on 06/28/1979, his first approaches to drawing took place as a child, at the age of fourteen he approached the world of graffiti and painting, thus beginning his self-taught artistic journey. Graduated from the Milan comics school, while attending it, he collaborated as a cartoonist illustrator with various publishing houses including Warner Bros.

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