Marco Tamburro

Born in Perugia in 1974. Having graduated in Architecture and Furniture at the Art Institute of his city, in 1994 he moved to Milan and enrolled in the Scenography Course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Having come into contact with the Milanese artistic environment, he began to collaborate with photographers and set designers as an assistant. Not a random choice, since Marco Tamburro has already developed a profound interest in large theatrical spaces, within which he imagines and gives shape to pictorial panels of imposing dimensions, letting his visionary imagination run wild.

Tamburro remains fascinated above all by painting and its great expressive power. In an era in which we question where this artistic form is going, he is invaded by an expressive power capable of translating simple images into a means of communication. Marco Tamburro reflects on the speculation and versatility of the pictorial form, capable of interacting with other artistic languages ​​such as theatre, photography, furniture, architecture and everything needed to create a scenographic system.
In Milan he exhibits for the first time: his works appear in galleries and alternative spaces of the urban fabric, linked primarily to the fashion and design environments.

Always attracted to Rome for its countless artistic beauties and frenetic metropolitan life, so different from that of Milan, Tamburro moved to the capital. His passion for theater can be nourished copiously here: the artist collaborates with various theater companies, dedicates himself full time to painting, founds a cultural association that deals exclusively with visual arts and in 1999 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Arts of Rome.

The artist's works