Paul Thierry

Paul Thierry, an extraordinary German pop artist, has attracted the attention of the public and critics for his paintings which, thanks to an avant-garde reinterpretation of monotype printing, explode in a fury of three-dimensionality and colour.

The Pop subjects depicted, Hollywood divas, singers, Disney characters and ultra-luxury fashion icons, emerge in all their fullness from purely street-style backgrounds. A composite universe of graffiti that creates a disarming, but pleasant, contrast with the candor, joy and lightness of pop icons.

The creative process is long and laborious. Monotype printing, an ancient and very refined technique, is only the starting point for Paul Thierry who, first of all, paints and prints his creations on a glass or plexiglass surface. Each mold is unique and is used for only one painting which, inevitably, makes each artist's work unique and unrepeatable.

The plate is then pressed onto the canvas so that the image is transferred. To make the images even more dynamic, Paul moves back and forth on the canvas so that the painting, while still fresh, gives life to almost self-determined nuances.

Lastly, he works by painting the final touches freehand, such as background graffiti, rather than writing or decorative motifs. During the assembly phase, and this is the masterstroke, the artist often mounts the glass leaving a few centimeters away from the canvas. In doing so, light and space transform the two dimensions, glass and canvas, into a third three-dimensional surface, alive and moving.

Needless to say, his very personal and inimitable tribute to Pop culture is in great demand all over the world. Paul Thierry's paintings are kept in prestigious collections, public institutions and museums.

Berlin, one of his most iconic works, was purchased by the German government and exhibited in the most important German and Dubai museums.

It goes without saying that he is certainly an artist to focus on, destined to achieve fame, prestige and interesting prices.

The artist's works