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Does money bring happiness?

Does money bring happiness?

Edward Spitz

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SUPPORT: canvas

TECNICA: mixed and resin

DIMENSIONS: 100 cm x 150 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

Spitz's canvas features a background covered in comics. These comics are fixed on the canvas and then covered with a layer of resin, which gives the surface a smooth and shiny appearance.
Over this comic book background, Spitz drew two classic animation icons: Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. The two characters are depicted in a Porsche, a symbol of luxury and status quo.
Spitz asks us: "Does money bring happiness or not?" The artist invites us to reflect on the relationship between wealth and happiness. The choice to use two well-known and loved characters to ask this question makes the message accessible and immediately recognisable. Spitz creates a contrast between the innocence of the characters and the depth of the existential question.
In summary, Edward Spitz's work uses a combination of artistic techniques and cultural icons to explore themes related to consumerism.

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Edward Spitz

Scopri l'artista

Edward Spitz is an artist who says little about himself, and prefers his paintings to do the talking. His works are exhibited in various public and private places in Italy and abroad. Participates in collective and personal exhibitions. His work is ironic and polite, the basis of his paintings are vintage illustrations of period comics on which he makes his characters speak, who look and wink at whoever is in front of them. They bring to the foreground, magnify the value of a key figure: Minnie, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck... they are there ready to tell us a fragment of a real story! With this mechanism the paintings break the narrative scheme of the comic and become works of art.

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