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Medium Rhino Luggage

Medium Rhino Luggage

Stefano Bombardieri

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SUPPORT: sculpture

TECNICA: bronze and iron

DIMENSIONS: 52 cm x 34 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

Luggage Rhinoceros Medium is a bronze and iron sculpture 50 centimeters high. It represents a splendid specimen of rhinoceros, crushed by suitcases of different shapes and sizes. Tired and exhausted, he seems almost unable to breathe as if he has reduced his vital force to the minimum necessary to stay alive. Like all Bombardieri animals, the crushed rhinoceros represents man, overwhelmed by goals to achieve, obligations and responsibilities. A physical-emotional load that is impossible to bear. At the same time, there is an environmentalist reference to the brutal practice of hunting rhinos for their horn. Human greed, the cause of the slaughter of rhinos, is the same that drives a capitalist world in which man is overwhelmed by the mass of duties. Luggage Medium Rhinoceros is a sculpture that is striking for its material appearance and for its shapes that are at the same time granite and voluptuous. The way the rhino fits into the suitcases is fantastic, as if it were a Tetris match. The volume is entirely occupied by the large animal and the suitcases without any free space, which further contributes to accentuating the sensation of weight.

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Stefano Bombardieri

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