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80's KISS

80's KISS

Paolo Pilotti

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SUPPORT: canvas

TECNICA: mixed

DIMENSIONS: 120 cm x 90 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

80s KISS” is a reinterpretation of William Adolphe Bouguereau's work “Amor and Psyche Children” from 1890 performed by Paolo Pilotti. In this representation we see Cupid, with feathered wings, affectionately kissing Psyche on the cheek who, unlike Cupid, is depicted with butterfly wings. The gesture of the kiss strikes us with the candid purity that these cherubs transmit to us. As usual, however, the artist born in 1982, transforms the subjects of the pictorial tradition into Pop icons of contemporary art with originality. In fact, the two tender cherubs are represented with hair dyed blue, Cupid, and with hair dyed fuchsia, Psyche. Both have tattoos: Psyche has a tattoo on her thigh which represents a funny little bear, the tattoo on Cupid's arm is very interesting, an old school style heart with the writing "mom", a dedication to her mother Venus, the goddess of Love. Also in Pilotti's work, as in Bouguereau's work, the tender cherubs are resting on soft clouds, the difference, however, between the representation of the French painter and that of the Italian painter is that the latter, using a shaded shade of pink, gives a cotton candy effect to the clouds. The clouds created by the painter from Lazio are sprinkled with various symbols that remind us of the 80s: a cassette tape player, the Super Tele balloon, two lollipops, symbols of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Furthermore, throughout the painting there are many little flowers that represent the purity of the two tender cherubs. The background of the work is made with a purple brick wall and in the center of the wall there is a large neon heart with angel wings which frames the two protagonists of the work.

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Paolo Pilotti

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