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Black and gold Medusa

Black and gold Medusa

Cristian Basile

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TECNICA: mixed on abs

DIMENSIONS: 80 cm x 60 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

Basile's technique transforms plastic through an industrial manufacturing process, which gives the work's surface a three-dimensional quality. This representation of Medusa not only recalls Greek myth, but also serves as a reflection on the permanence and transformation of classical myths in contemporary culture. Through this work, Basile invites the viewer to confront the roots of our culture and to rediscover the relevance of mythology and ancient history.

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Cristian Basile

Scopri l'artista

Born in the province of Bergamo in 1987. At a very young age he knew and discovered the world of furniture and design. At 18 he began buying and selling furnishing accessories which he retouched, thus giving rise to his own artistic authenticity. He inaugurated his first exhibition the following year in Milan. Motivated by the positive feedback and the countless artists he met along the way, falling in love with them, he approached the world of contemporary art with his first three-dimensional paintings, in which he used the most contrasting techniques: resins, paints, plastic materials with the use of fluorescent colours, metallics, wraps and many others. Shortly thereafter his name began to spread, initially by word of mouth and reaching SocialNetworks. The most important part of his creations is certainly the three-dimensional projection; Cristian Basile has dedicated himself a lot to this project without ever pushing for its publication until now. Pushed by family and friends and at the same time growing in his potential, he managed to enter the world of art professionally. Today he lives and works in the province of Bergamo.

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