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Arab woman with opium flower

Arab woman with opium flower

Gian Paolo Tomasi

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SUPPORT: cotton canvas


DIMENSIONS: 130 cm x 100 cm

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Description by the gallery owner

A woman in a Burqa offers us a flower. The flower, however, is an opium poppy. This work makes us reflect on the condition of women in countries like Afghanistan. Furthermore, Gian Paolo Tomasi highlights the problem of the cultivation of the opium poppy used to produce heroin. This work would seem to tell us about two fundamental problems in Afghanistan: women's rights and drug trafficking

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Gian Paolo Tomasi

Scopri l'artista

Gian Paolo Tomasi was born in Milan in May 1959. In 1974 he entered the world of photography, where he experimented with the main photographic techniques. Starting as an apprentice and rapidly evolving into a professional in laboratory photography, in 1983 he created PoliArtcolor Srl, a company specialized in the retouching and duplication of photographic images. In 1988 he patented, together with his brother Roberto, a new photographic printing process called "Phototransfer". Thanks to it he collaborates with internationally renowned photographers; works and prints for masters of photography such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Hiro, Annie Leibovitz, John Batho, Franco Fontana, Sebastian Salgado to name a few; produces for them, thanks also to a relationship of great confidence, prints and multiples for exhibitions, galleries and collecting. In 1995 a profound metamorphosis occurred in Tomasi, he courageously abandoned brushes and anilines, darkroom and chemical formulas and transferred his knowledge into the digital world, thus becoming a precursor of the virtual era. His passion for images leads him to define his own artistic language. In 2000 he created seven virtual models on behalf of GQ Italia. Stir, surprise and dismay shake the world of fashion and photography. Its virtual models travel the world, gracing the covers of major fashion magazines. In 2001 he was requested by the world of cosmetics and began a fruitful collaboration with multinationals in the sector. In the same period he began working on virtual landscapes. For 7 years, Gianpaolo Tomasi's Studio in Via Forcella, 13 in Milan has been a meeting point for the training of new talents in the field of digital photography.

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