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Director's Cult 2

Director's Cult 2

Mirco Campioni

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SUPPORT: canvas


DIMENSIONS: 120 cm x 120 cm

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Mirco Campioni

Scopri l'artista

Mirco Campioni is an energetic artist and experimenter, father of an art capable of representing our time in a simple way. His expressive medium is painting, hyper-realistic painting on large canvases, influenced by the masters of the Renaissance, classicism, Pop Art and Man Ray. His subjects draw on his life, childhood and studies, bringing into art the favorites of comics, the stars of American cinema, the masterpieces of art and literature. Standing out among them all is the Stormtrooper, the character from the Star Wars saga who has become a sort of alter ego, chosen as a symbol of our time, to whom he entrusts the message of his art: emerging from anonymity, eschewing mediocrity, living fully . The Stormtrooper, but also all his other characters, Wonderlisa, the Vitruvian Man, the Boy with the fruit basket, represent man's victory in daily battles. Placing contemporary pop culture figures alongside the great masterpieces of the past means celebrating the human race, its history and its victories, giving viewers a message of trust and hope. The victory of mankind. Mirco Campioni's art is a new humanism which, in a digital, evanescent and connected way, contrasts the moral strength of man. Born in Bologna in 1985, Mirco Campioni is an artist, musician and tattoo artist. He has exhibited in important group and solo exhibitions, winning numerous awards.

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