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Blue Balloon Dog

Blue Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons

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SUPPORT: sculpture

TECNICA: porcelain


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Description by the gallery owner

The mouldable balloons, the narrow and long ones, designed to transform into puppies, bunnies, swans and many other shapes, bring back memories of a childhood party, moments of light-heartedness and joy. “Celebration” is the exhibition of the monumental series of works including the “Ballons”, the original steel sculptures that seem to be produced with balloons. This series of works was so successful that Koons decided to reproduce the large sculptures in a small and limited edition format. The American artist has his numbered works made by the French masters of Limoges porcelain. Koons manages to create a strong contrast in his creations which apparently look like light and ethereal balloons, but in reality are heavy and hard sculptures. The artist born in 1955 combines popular mass culture with high culture by transforming the animal-shaped balloons that can be purchased at village fairs into precious works of art. Jeff Koons' aim, in the successful series of works "Ballons", is to evoke the moments of lightness and happiness that can be perceived during children's birthday parties, through the creation of sculptures that seem to be created with moldable balloons but which in reality they are produced in porcelain and covered with colored chrome paint. These iconic artistic products have been cited in films such as "Spiderman: across the Spider verse", an animated film released in 2023 where a Jeff Koons Ballon Dog appears in a scene set at the Guggenheim. Furthermore, in one of the missions of the "GTA online" video game, it is possible to purchase a piece of art that unmistakably refers to the very famous balloon dog. If we think of a sculpture by Jeff Koons, most likely, the first image that our mind will suggest to us will be that of the "Ballon Dog", the famous work in the shape of a balloon dog that has become part of the collective imagination. We remind you that the first series of "Ballon Dog" are a group of monumental sculptures, even 3 meters high, exhibited in the aforementioned "Celebration" exhibition. This metallic blue work is a smaller version of the original, produced in a limited edition.

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Jeff Koons

Scopri l'artista

Jeffrey Koons, aka Jeff Koons, was born on January 21, 1955 in Pennsylvania. His parents, passionate about art, encouraged him towards an artistic career which led to his enrollment at the prestigious Chicago Art Institute, under the guidance of Ed Pasche, a renowned teacher and artist. After graduating from the Art School of Baltimore, he arrived in New York where he was absorbed by the avant-garde and the climate of artistic revolution. and cultural. Fascinated by the works and personalities of Martin Kippenberger and Robert Smithson, he leaves the figurative to dedicate himself to abstract, conceptual and material painting. 1980 is the year of his consecration as an artist: The New, his installation exhibited in New York, drives the public and critics crazy. The sculpture, made from vacuum cleaners transformed into a work of art, recovers the idea of ​​the Duchampian ready made, of Andy Warhol's factory and, in general, of the common object, even a fairly poor one, which becomes art. The new Andy Warhol crowns the world of New York art. In 1991 he met and married Ilona Staller, alias Ciciolina, one of the most famous and iconic porn divas, with whom he created and published a series of erotic-artistic shots. The idea is to bring and transform real life, with its often conflicting impulses, into art. The photos were exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1990. Inspired and motivated, he then creates Puppy, the dog-shaped maxi-sculpture made up of 70,000 flowers. The work, 13 meters high, is a kaleidoscope of colors and scents that praise positive things: love, joy, loyalty and happiness. The dog is progressively joined by the rabbit, the swan and the monkey. A zoo, expressed and worked in the most disparate materials: paint, plastic, balloons, marble, iron, steel and porcelain. The series of sculptures, called Celebration Sculptures, are an evocation of childhood, children's birthday parties and, in general, the beauty of life. On a conceptual level, they represent the desire to create a democratic art, understandable to all and capable of engaging due to its immediacy and simplicity. Obviously, alongside celebratory art, there coexists a subtle criticism of consumerism, of Western society obsessed with possession and money. The same company that made him a rich man with collectors willing to spend millions on one of his works. Social criticism and joy coexist and, in the end, find a meeting point in an art that is a mirror, interpreter and daughter of our time. And to whom, like a lively and slightly mischievous son, one forgives in the knowledge that no one is better than him. It goes without saying that Jeff Koons is one of the most famous, collected and loved living artists.

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