Yuvi Art

In the paintings of Yuvi - a rising star on the international art scene - there is all the vibrant and creative energy of his city, Tel Aviv and of Florentine, the hipster neighborhood where he was born and raised.

Populated by designers, stylists, alternative boutiques and, obviously, street artists, Florentine's mood is imprinted in the artist's DNA, giving life to paintings where iconic characters and objects float in a shower of colors and materials, with exquisitely tactile results.

His works are inhabited by superheroes, scientists, movie stars, animals and logos of the coolest brands, in an elegant pastiche where the artist's voice, imbued with profound humor and benevolent contempt, pleads the causes and themes that they care about them.

Technically Yuvi's art is an explosive mix of painting, cut prints, old magazine collages, sketches, digital prints, inks, sprays, sand fragments, piece of glass and whatever material inspires him.

Social criticism coexists with the celebration of the myths and icons of our time, mixed in its very personal and recognizable street language in which many see a new, cosmopolitan and international Brainwash.

On the other hand, Yuvi is a son of the world. Of a land of contrasts which, after graduating in graphics and design, he leaves to go and discover Europe. Backpack on your shoulder, camera and a notebook to take notes and make sketches. After the "grand tour" he settled in the United States, remaining fascinated, like many greats before him, by the legacy of Andy Warhol and Pop Art.

Returning to his homeland, he dedicated himself only to his art. Success was not long in coming. First in New York, then in far away New Delhi. Only more recently in London. And now, for the first time, in Italy.

Yuvi defines himself as a pop artist inspired by street art. He paints with his hands, only like someone who truly has a carnal and spiritual relationship with art. His paintings, tactile and material, make you want to be touched. And to dive into it, a bit as if you were venturing into a crazy night through the streets of Tel Aviv, the (second) city that never sleeps.

The artist's works