Frederik Avella

Fourth generation of a famous dynasty of master stonemasons, Frederic Avella was born in France in 1975. He spent his childhood in his father's atelier where, even as a child, he was able to recognize different types of materials.
At twelve years old he already sculpts like an expert stonemason. Thanks to his precocious talent, at the age of twenty he was called to carry out the restoration of the urban public works, fountains and statues, of a town on the French Riviera.

He began his career as an artist with contemporary works inspired by Pop culture, the world of comics and cartoons and the history of French design.

Freud, his first series, brings iconic animals such as Bulldog and Gorilla to the stage, deliberately exaggerating their physical characteristics in an ironic and fun version. The result is a zoo which, if on the one hand it seems to have emerged from the imagination and drawings of a child, on the other is a sociological-realistic investigation of our society.

In fact, drawing on the meaning that animals take on in our culture, especially in the fashion industry - often used as logos - and in the world of sport - chosen as mascots - Fred Avella talks about man.

From the Gorilla, all muscles and a not particularly lively look to the apparently ferocious Bulldog who in the end, "has but doesn't bite".

But also comic book characters, cinema icons and everyday objects are transfigured in this cheerful, joyful and sparkling imagery. The shiny, shiny and patinated finishes, in addition to giving the sculptures a Pop allure, make them look like delightful collectible toys whose mere sight is enough to put you in a good mood.

The artist's works