Amand Toy

Amanda Toy, (Genoa, 1976), is an artist who narrates reality with the joy and lightness of children, filling the world, and her canvases, with bright and vibrant colours. His art is a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to (re)discover their playful and slightly disobedient side.

In her paintings, and in her tattoos, given that in addition to being an artist she is also a famous tattoo artist, Amanda Toy gives life to a playfully pop, or anar-chic, imaginary universe, populated by stories imbued with emotions and feelings told through decisive lines and vivid colors.

This pink and optimistic world is skillfully mixed with a pop and contemporary spirit, which explodes in an iconic and ironic homage to money and luxury.

Her art evolved with her career as a tattoo artist which took her first from Genoa to Trieste and from there to the United States, Japan and around Europe. Overcoming borders and broadening horizons has made his style even more eclectic and international with paintings which, little by little, have become populated with subjects, shapes and colors changed from the world of toys.

For ten years he divided his time between Italy and London where he tattooed clients from every corner of the globe for one week a month. Both the paintings and the tattoos are dominated by carefree dolls, precise and defined on the skin, more intimate and material in the canvas versions.

In 2012 Amanda Toy arrived in Milan where she inaugurated the Toy Tattoo Parlor, a tattoo studio characterized by an environment in tune with her creativity and year-long waiting lists.

As her career as a tattoo artist progressed, she realized that her designs could be replicated on any medium. Thus it launched collections of bags, cushions and furnishing objects, effectively becoming a lifestyle brand.

With the creation of brass and silver jewels, his characters emerge from the canvas and acquire a body and depth. Concrete artefacts capable of entering into relationships and contact with those who wear them.

The artist's works