Alea Pinar Du Pre

Alea Pinar Du Pre is an internationally established artist who has lived and worked in Vienna, Amsterdam and Istanbul.

His curious mind draws inspiration from different fields, but above all from science, history and anthropology. She is eager to understand what science has revealed about the nature of reality and even more fascinated by the challenges it creates for our understanding of consciousness and what we perceive around us.

She is also a fan of science fiction as a window to explore alternative human possibilities and as anthropological thought experiments that can push us to question everyday assumptions about our present reality. What drives her to return repeatedly to figurative subjects is a fundamental beauty in what we can see in others, despite the levels of sensory illusion that define our perceptions.

His art, like his subjects, lives in the intermediate realm between deep spiritual perception and non-existence. It is a world that can be represented, but never fully defined. Likewise, through a diverse set of techniques, he is always trying to cast a glimpse into the facets of personal identity, while simultaneously confronting us with the reality that capturing their complete essence at any moment is impossible. When we look closely, the tangible whole is nothing but transient particles and waves.

Du Pre constantly works to develop and refine innovative approaches in the performance of his art. His paintings include digital inputs along with multiple surface experiments and material combinations. His ever-evolving techniques always involve a fusion of materials and an industrious use of surface textures to give his works a tactile depth often not visible in photographs of his paintings.

Active since 2008, she has held numerous solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. His works have also been exhibited in prestigious group exhibitions and major art fairs in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the Middle East and Asia. His works are also part of significant international private and corporate collections.

The artist's works