Simon Del Grillo

The decision to modify and desecrate the perfection of my first sphere dates back to high school.

I needed to go further, because in a seemingly perfect way, I understood that the purity and beauty of each of us play a fundamental role in the lives of others.

As an artist, I felt the weight and obligation to try with my expressive form to stop time and change the observer's perspective.

Works like "filters of reality" hidden and enclosed in a nucleus, mirror of our soul, of our conscience, beating heart of an Earth that lives, adapts and changes to us.

The Earth with its boundaries and its stratification was the subject of my studies, even if the fascination I still have for it dates back to my childhood.

In fact, since I was a child, my representation of home was not the classic building with the roof, the chimney, the clouds and the sun but a sphere with colored shapes, which represented the sea and continents, and a family in the centre.

Returning to children, innocent and pure, getting back into the game to regain the true meaning of the word love.

And it is precisely the love of life, our central point in the cosmic universe that revolves around us.

The artist's works