For Amanda Toy, a foamy artist born in 1976 in Genova, painting means depicting the realty with childlike and light-hearted voice that gives birth to colourful and vibrant artworks. Looking at her art is a one-way journey to a cheeky and playful dimension that most people have forgotten.

Her paintings and her tattoos, Amanda Toy is also a very renowned tattooist, forge an artistic world inhabited by pop and contemporary icons through which the artist tells story emotionally enhanced by the use of thick lines and vivid colours. Pop references occur and explode in an iconic and ironic tribute to money and luxury.

In Amanda Toy’s life art and tattoos have always gone hand to hand, both taking her around the word. From Genova to Trieste and, after to the USA, Japan and to many European countries

Crossing borders and broadening her horizons had a deep positive impact on her style that, little by little, evolved in shapes, characters and hues adopted from the toy world.

For ten years she has been living between London and Italy, tattooing hundreds of people coming to the Uk from all-over the world for one of hers light-hearted dolls.

In 2012 Milano welcomed her and her new studio – Toy Tattoo Parlour – an eclectic and inspiring environment where both her arts – painting and tattooing – find a suitable room. The place was a blast from the beginning with waiting lists up to one year.

Success as a tattooist made her realize that her drawings could be easily replicated on a wide range of medium, launching a collection of bags, cushions and furnishing accessories that made her to become a lifestyle brand.

In her last creations, a series of brass and silver jewelleries, the signature dolls leave their canvas and acquire depth – and a body. An embodiment that connects Amanda Toy’ art with people buying, collecting and wearing her pieces.