Nelson Fabiano is a Portuguese artist who lives and works in Cannes.

Photographer and painter, he skillfully combines the two disciplines, playing with them as well as with materials, contours and colors.

Emptiness is a very important theme and concept in Fabiano's art which, in some series, is developed in melancholy paintings. Like, for example, the paintings with sofas, armchairs and deserted rooms in which the human being seems to have totally abandoned his own environments.

Among his most iconic subjects are cityscapes, often depicting New York or American cities, based on photos taken by the artist during his many travels. The photos are modified with collages, paintings, drawings and reliefs… thus giving life to vibrant and tactile works. 

Another of his most cherished times, is the celebrity portraiture of the 200s which he paints in an exquisitely Pop style. Relief is a constant that gives the work depth and a material essence. 

Nelson Fabiano is an established artist, represented all over the world with a CV full of group performances, solo exhibitions and important awards.