Art in your home

Contemporary art has taught me to overcome the concept of "sanctuary". Art is not only in cathedrals or noble palaces, museums or galleries.

It is everywhere, it is ephemeral, it is liquid, it is unconventional. I too (in part) am. For this reason, one of the hallmarks of my being a gallery owner is bringing art "out". In your home, literally.

Art at home (preferably central-northern Italy) is one of the exclusive services I offer to those who show a serious and passionate interest in targeted investments in works of painting and sculpture.

An online catalog; affinities that are perceived after some contact; the ability to interpret the potential client's aesthetic tastes and economic objectives; discretion. With these values and with these rules well established in mind, relationships are born that go beyond the purchase of a work of art.
Similarly, bringing art home goes beyond consulting on the authors, their styles, the cultural climate in which they operate or grew up, but it becomes an all-out action.

I love helping my clients to contextualize the work they buy in the best possible way and this is also a relevant part of my business.

I can therefore take care of studying the arrangement of the works of art already from the design or renovation phase of the building; recommend the arrangement of paintings and statues and the perfect lighting of the rooms that host them.
An all-round activity to give art and the home the prominence they deserve.