Investing in Art

What I have learned in over 10 years of consulting is that art is never a bet, but a refuge: emotional, cultural, economic. And it never betrays, if the choices are guided by knowledge.

My job is to guide people to make informed choices, motivated by a series of judgment parameters that can be brought to light only after knowing the personality, lifestyle and tastes of the potential buyer.

The construction of a relationship of trust and trust is, therefore, an essential condition for the realization of an investment plan focused on art, especially contemporary art: a subject as vast and complex as there are protagonists, currents, movements. But this is precisely the beauty of the profession.

Art, today more than ever, is a pleasant and intelligent way to put your savings to good use. It is true that there are different levels of volatility, but performance is by no means to be neglected.

With contemporary art, for example, peaks in revaluation of the 50% can be reached, and recent studies indicate an average annual return between 14% and 17%.
The pleasure of talking about culture and cultures, about “beauty” and business in a perspective of the future that is outlined in the present. This is the essence of my work. This is the most profitable investment for those who live in art and for those who surround themselves to live better.