What I have learned in over 10 years of consulting is that art is never a bet, but a refuge: emotional, cultural, economic. And it never betrays, if the choices are guided by knowledge.

My job is to guide people to make informed choices, motivated by a series of judgment parameters that can be brought to light only after knowing the personality, lifestyle and tastes of the potential buyer.

The construction of a relationship of trust and trust is, therefore, an essential condition for the realization of an investment plan focused on art, especially contemporary art: a subject as vast and complex as there are protagonists, currents, movements. But this is precisely the beauty of the profession ... KEEP IT GOING

Contemporary art has taught me to overcome the concept of "sanctuary". Art is not only in cathedrals or noble palaces, museums or galleries.

It is everywhere, it is ephemeral, it is liquid, it is unconventional. I too (in part) am. For this reason, one of the hallmarks of my being a gallery owner is bringing art "out". In your home, literally.

Art at home (preferably central-northern Italy) is one of the exclusive services I offer to those who show a serious and passionate interest in targeted investments in works of painting and sculpture.

An online catalog; affinities that are perceived after some contact; the ability to interpret the potential client's aesthetic tastes and economic objectives; discretion. With these values and with these rules well established in mind, relationships are born that go beyond the purchase of ... KEEP IT GOING…

I have always thought that contemporary art was a gesture of love. Love for something beautiful and lasting, destined to acquire value over time. The tailoring service Art Wedding List it is dedicated, and studied, for those who have chosen to love each other for life.

I really believe that a contemporary artwork is the perfect present to seal the beginning of a new marriage. Unlike the same old presents as settings or silverware, a painting or a sculpture is unique. A piece of art furnishes with style the lover’s nest, showing the world that they have a refined and eclectic taste.

Should we give a work of art to someone who is not yet a collector? Absolutely yes because, in this way, we will make the spouses discover a splendid passion to cultivate together and a magical, stimulating world that they will no longer be able to do without: the art system ...KEEP IT GOING…