Gumm (1969) was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice, where he still lives and has his own atelier.

The love for art has distant roots. Even as a child he loved to draw, copying and recopying objects of everyday life until the perfect replica was achieved. When it comes to art, Gumm it has an attention to detail and a truly millimeter realistic rendering.

Aware that he would become an artist, he studied photography and made his debut with his first exhibition during the Venice Biennale, inspired by the creative and vibrant atmosphere that pervades the city during the days of the exhibition. His photographs have a touch of Ralph Goings' photorealism and the exhibition is a success.

However, he is not satisfied. Photography is not enough to express his art. Look at Andy Warhol, to Claes Oldenburg is Cèsar Baldaccini of which he admires the realism, the colors and the Pop spirit.

The light comes to him, unexpectedly, on a cold winter day when, walking through the city, the darkness of the calle shrouded in fog is torn by the colors of an old can, abandoned and trampled on. Gumm he remains subdued: he cannot take his eyes off the colors, folds and effects of time. He takes it home and immediately sets to work, transforming it into the subject of his first work of art.

Today its cans are present in collections all over the world, exhibited in prestigious galleries and protagonists of international fairs.

Alongside the wall sculptures, real maxi-cans to hang, he also creates photos of cans, framed in display cases as if they were in a museum.

Needless to say, the cans are decorated with Pop subjects. From the works of Andy Warhol, to which he dedicated an entire series - which made him famous - to icons, brands and cartoon characters.

Gumm Art also very popular with collectors of historical artists who, as well as art system experts, see him as a great future artist. To buy today that the prices are still average, before, like the works of Andy Warhol, they become really for a few.