Beppe Borella

Beppe Borella (Bergamo in 1972) discovers the constructive properties of iron in his work as a blacksmith.

The encounter with the world of art, on the other hand, takes place thanks to the gallery owner Stefano Fumagalli who, sensing his extraordinary skills, reveals the secrets, the beauties and the techniques of the great masters of contemporary art.

He is especially attracted to sculptures, which ignite in him an innate spark of creativity as well as technique. Qualities that Borella refines and perfects collaborating with the great Giuseppe Uncini, in the realization of works in iron and concrete.

It is precisely by working these materials, like an encounter desired by destiny, that he discovers marble. Its vitality, energy and ability to catapult those who work it into shapes and surfaces is an irresistible appeal for Beppe Borella.

Once the right material is found, the artist's dexterity and creativity give life to a series of sinuous, ironic and powerful sculptures.

Creatures with a life of their own arrived on earth from the immaculate lunar surfaces of which they retain texture, consistency and whiteness.

As in a dance, marble meets Pop Art, an emblem of contemporaneity, expressed in its most playful, captivating and refined ideal.

A carousel of mice, arbre magique, tanks, bags full of dollars, pills, skateboards and lego bricks and many other forms, and icons, of our life is born.

An ever-growing artist, Beppe Borella is treated by important galleries in Italy and abroad and has won numerous prestigious awards.