The beautiful Rián Bettina is an Argentine artist based, at least for now, in Rosario, a stunning city where colonial houses melt with futuristic skyscrapers, on the background of Parana River – the biggest of the country. We say for now because despite her not-declared young age, she has been already living all over the world.

Gifted by birth with a volcanic and overwhelming energy, she’s famous for bright and vibrant paintings where our time’s icons swim in a joyful flood of colours. Her subjects range from Chanel Logos to the unforgettable – at least for Gossip Girl addicted – Prada Marfa, along with the Pink Panther, huge Donuts, animals from the savannah, sea views, sensual mouths, Marylin and female faces.

Distinguished by a supreme drawing technique, her different characters share the magniloquent and explosive use of colours that – in her words – she appropriates from the cosmic universe, making them hers. As the body is too small to cage them, after all she feels the urge to share them through her work.

For Rián Bettina art is a blend of energy and passion that wakes up people’s emotions.

Grown up surrounded by art and beautiful things, Rián Bettina studied architecture, art and design. After graduating, she began working for a luxury developer projecting concrete and glass villas hidden in the world’s most beautiful hotspots.

Going around the world made her more and more inspired by the beauty of the places she saw, and, despite a high-flying career, she quitted her job and a glamorous life to become a full-time artist. Her art celebrates the world, nature, luxury and all those things that are simply beautiful. Inside and outside. .

While in South America she is already very famous, Rián Bettina is coming up in the rest of the world, getting to be known as an interesting expression of contemporary art.

Her paintings are perfect for those collectors looking for cutting-edge artists – South American are the new IT artists to collect and for those who like to stand out with a collection featuring international flair.