Daniele Fortuna, the designer artist which transform wood into colourful sculptures that tells the public his most intimate feelings

Daniele Fortuna is an Italian Milan-based artist who conveys, a genuine and urgent need to unveil his own most intimate feelings, in a body of works made by colourful and vibrant wooden artworks.

First and foremost, Daniele Fortuna’s artworks speak about his story, from growing up surrounded by his family’s prestigious art collection, to his fashion and design degree at Milano IED, not to mention the Dubliner period where he got a job in a light design studio.  

The works of Daniele Fortuna they tell us, first of all, about his life. Childhood, surrounded by the splendid family collection, then studies in design and fashion at Ied, followed by a move to Dublin to work in a light design studio.

Inspired by Irish nature, by the boundless green meadows and the white and dramatic cliffs overlooking the deep blue Northern Sea, Fortuna felt the need to become an artist, aiming at a more powerful, and concrete, way of self-expression. Without neglecting his designer background, he decided to master wood, a solid, sincere and adaptable material ideal to be closer to nature and, therefore to himself.

After moving back to Italy, he looked at his family’s art collection with a new perspective and he became aware that De Chirico, Fontana and Sassu’s driving force (to name a few) was just the desire to share feelings, fears and intimate emotions with the mankind. Deeply touched, and enlightened, by those master’s bounty he began his art.

All his artworks reveal a reassuring craftsmanship work that begins with drawing directly on a rough piece of wood that is engraved by hand thereafter. The resulting shaped form is replicated in orders to achieve the required number of wooden blocks that compose the sculpture, or the painting. After being painted and glazed, the wood blocks are put together to create the sculpture’s volume and three-dimensionality.

Daniele Fortuna gives birth to unique and unrepeatable pieces imbued with a wide variety of emotions and perceptions that, in turn, awake the public to subjective and very intimate reactions. From the artist point of view that is what art must be about: art is not something far away from its public. Quite the contrary, art surrounds mankind because it is essentially made by people’s feelings towards art itself.

His sculptures and paintings’ bright and vivid colours show an unsinkable optimism that encourages people to reach out to life and let themselves be wrapped by those positive and vigorous vibes.

Daniele Fortuna is idolized by collectors and art experts. He has appeared in personal and collective exhibitions all over the word: New York, Shanghai, Paris, Positano, Milan, Miami, Monte Carlo, Lisbon and Beijing.

Due to still affordable prices he is certainly and artist to invest on while his artworks’ beauty, force and vibrancy are particularly suitable to interior design.