Calogero Risalvato, Sicilian artist who paints the faces and myths of Ancient Greece on damask fabrics, he remembers precisely the day he heard the call of art.

“It all began in 1994 when my parents took me to see the chariot race in the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, my beloved town,” he tells us.

Calogero, who was eleven at the time, he was struck by that reinterpretation of the ancient Roman race, made even more magical by the temples and majestic ruins silhouetted against the blue sea. At that precise moment he felt all the strength and energy of his roots, of the bond with his land, in turn intertwined with the myths and legends of Ancient Greece that with its singers, artists and architects has placed the foundations of our civilization.

Today, after his artistic studies atAcademy of Fine Arts of Palermo, after the apprenticeship alternating with collaborations as a set designer and animator in tourist villages, Calogero Risalvato is establishing itself more and more quickly in the artistic panorama, it can finally narrate, like the singers of Ancient Greece, that special bond with its land.

A bond that lives on in material, tactile works, capable of stimulating all five senses. The subjects, statues, faces and glimpses of antiquity, are painted with oil colors, used in a watercolor variation that enhances the textures and veins of the fabrics.

A bit like archaeologists who patiently dig in search of lost treasures, Calogero Risalvato brings out the protagonists of the myth from the intertwining of damask. A precious fabric with which the artist also has an emotional and ancestral bond. The maternal family, in fact, has been in the textile trade for two generations.

His paintings, called Journey of the Myth, they have the flavor of lived photographs and are able to make the public travel, taking them directly to the origins of our culture and our civilization. In this journey through history, Sicily represents the most important stage, in a shrewd and loving celebration of its commercial tradition, the fertile richness of its land lapped by the sea, the majesty of its palaces and the importance of places such as Selinunte, a real archaeological treasure.

The artist manages to create a dialogue between classicism and modernity, between the myth and the visitors to whom he reveals how, each of us, via is deeply connected and even a bit indebted.

Because, after all, we are dwarfs on the shoulders of giants and there can be no future without awareness, and the link, with the past. A past that this young Sicilian singer in love with his land celebrates through art.

Calogero Risalvato he is unanimously considered an artist destined to grow year after year. His works, as well as being objectively beautiful, certainly represent an excellent investment.