Andrea Giovannini he is a figurative artist who, with his landscapes painted as if observing the world from an airplane window, gives life to extremely realistic paintings and, at the same time, suspended in a lyric-poetic dimension.

If, on the one hand, it really seems to be in the presence of the seas and beaches, protagonists of the series Backdrops, on the other hand, the observer feels catapulted into a parallel dimension where space and time are dilated into an eternal infinity in which the flow of hands does not count but that of sensations. Technically all this is the result of a long and complex pictorial research that led him to choose tempera, acrylic and pastel. Thanks to the use of glazes, Andrea Giovannini creates drippings and veins that render the depth of the sea, the currents and the facets of the coast.

The fidelity with which he paints landscapes reveals his deep connection with scenography, a subject he has been teaching in a high school for many years. The artist, a bit as if he were struggling with a theatrical staging, recreates the world we know, nature and the planet.

It would be logical to ask… what then is the difference compared to a photograph? The answer has distant origins. Andrea Giovannini recovers the historical tradition of landscape painting (Canaletto, for example, is one of the most important landscape painters), or the art of transforming a landscape into a lyrical dimension capable of transmitting, and arousing, different moods.

Thanks to a wise and strategic use of light, of the time that passes between when the artist observes the landscape and when, in his atelier, he begins to prepare canvases and brushes to create it, combined with the subjective filter of his own experience, the landscape is transformed in poetry, memories ... emotions.

An example? The sea itself has a calming, relaxing and peaceful effect when painted in daylight but, in the dark, it manages to convey restlessness, loneliness and a sense of imminent danger.

In the works of Giovannini even the small details completely change the perception of the picture. The same seascape crossed by a colorful hot air balloon in flight and a windsurf board makes us think of summer, days on the beach and relaxation. On the other hand, if in the middle of the sea there is a lighthouse that seems to struggle not to be swallowed by the waters, what we feel is the fear and the sense of dismay typical of natural disasters.

The landscapes of Andrea Giovannini they ask to be looked at with different eyes, they force us to be savored slowly and this is where the magic happens.

Slowness and time allow us to participate in the painting, to really get to know it thanks to the emotions it manages to transmit to us. Emotions that inevitably draw from our personal emotional baggage making each observation unique and unrepeatable.

The artist's message is an invitation to adopt this lyrical and meditative attitude also in everyday life. Learn to observe what surrounds us, rather than walk through it indifferently with your eyes on a phone.

Andrea Giovannini it reminds us that poetry and magic are everywhere around us. To grasp them, it is enough to observe our world with the same contemplative attitude with which one looks at a painting.

Born in Lugo di Ravenna in 1962, he lives and creates in the countryside of Reggio Emilio. After the art school in Reggio Emilia he studied art in Urbino.